Café Caps is a specialised manufacturer of Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules based in Cape Town, South Africa. Started in 2010 by engineer Anthony Kay, Café Caps was one of the first Nespresso® compatible manufacturers to enter the market and has since made considerable technical strides in an ever-changing and complex market

By designing and building our own packaging machines, Café Caps has created a factory flexible enough to handle both large and small private label customers from a state of the art, high-tech facility in South Africa to foster long-term relationships

From Bean to Capsule to Cup… The Perfect Espresso


Conveniently located near South African’s second busiest port,
in Cape Town

2500 square metre plant, equipped with :

bullet  Testing lab

bullet  Climate-controlled coffee storage and grinding area

bullet  State of the art R&D lab

Our workers and packing staff rules are in line with the Health and Safety Act and Employment Act of South Africa

Staff: 3 Engineers, 3 coffee technicians, 22 full time filling and packing staff, with 40 part time staff

Constantly striving to improve through Research & Development


All aspects of production are manufactured in South Africa, including the plastic capsule as well as the foil seal

The capsule is made from food-safe, recyclable PP and all MSDS forms are available for all raw materials

The factory has been granted ISO Standard HACCP Food Safe facility certification, as well as being FDA registered

Our strict quality control procedures from green bean to capsule and tasting ensure quality, consistency and traceability

With grinding being a critical part of the capsule manufacturing process, Café Caps employs a highly specialized grind technician and all grinding is done on site to ensure maximum freshness while packing

In order to extract the coffee at the highest possible TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels, Café Caps use industrial roller mill grinders. These are the same grinders used by Nespresso®

Independently audited Quality Assurance

Current capacity: 10 million capsules per month with the ability to ramp up by 5 million capsules per month within a 3-month period

Lead times: between 3-8 weeks depending on the packaging requirements


Recently acquired a roasting facility as part of our group of companies. This allows greater control over blend development and contract specific roasting.

The rest of the roasting is outsourced to leading South African roasters with years of combined experience, allowing us flexibility in selecting the best coffees suited to the specific order.

High-grade coffee sourced from the world’s leading coffee-producing countries including Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala as well as specialty coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda, all sourced via traceable and fair channels.


In-house design and branding team provides the expertise in the manufacturing of numerous private labels, both locally and internationally, seen in major retailers in various packaging formats, from sleeves to doypacks, boxes to bags

Some of our private label customers include companies from:
New Zealand, Australia, USA, Hong Kong, UK, France, Canada, Namibia, Russia, Ghana, Germany, Poland, Dubai and Mauritius.

bullet  Customised coffee tastes

bullet  Advanced coffee technology with proven industry experience

bullet  Customisable packaging solutions

bullet  Brandable foils

Capsules can be packagaged with or without outer wrappers available in singles, 5 pack or 10 packs

A variety of card boxes with shelf-ready shippers are available to suit the needs of the project

Hand-packing finishing line offers packaging flexibility achievable due to the economic competitiveness of unskilled labour in South Africa.


With over 3 years experience in sourcing and purchasing high quality Nespresso® compatible espresso machines and frothers, Cafféluxe are able to offer a complete solution to increase capsule sales and grow your business over and above the existing Nespresso® database.

Cafféluxe has dominated the South African market since inception and is available through most major retailers and online resellers. We also sell direct to offices, wholesalers and restaurants and have a factory shop with a wide product offering. Cafféluxe has also been instrumental in creating and expanding a market in South Africa by importing our own coffee machines. To date we have introduced about 40 000 machines onto the market.

We offer the consumer COST (saving over Nespresso®), CHOICE (wide variety) and CONVENIENCE (easily available).



+27 21 460 0428



3 Printer’s Way
Montague Gardens
Cape Town
South Africa

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